A fantastic team experience that recreates the fast-moving world of television news production. The challenge for the team is to produce its own 30-minute news programme for ‘live’ broadcast at the end of the day. 

Participant profile

Suitable for any team that needs to function effectively, remain cohesive and deliver on target. 


Newsday was originally designed as the centerpiece exercise for the Advanced Management Programme at Ashridge Hult Business School where it is consistently rated as a programme highlighted by course participants.

The final output includes all the usual elements of a TV news bulletin such as presenters reading to camera, video reports on location and live studio interviews. No previous experience is necessary as training is provided by broadcast TV professionals. 


Through this experience participants will learn:

  • the nature of high-performance team work
  • the importance of breaking down organizational silos
  • how to develop a sense of interdependence across functions
  • how to motivate a team to deliver outstanding results
  • how to have fun and celebrate success!

Team Sailing

Your top people have the tough job of navigating your organizational ship through change and uncertainty. Improve their capability by putting them on a real one!

Participant profile

Suitable for any team that needs to deal with an uncertain environment, react to rapid change and make inclusive decisions when the pressure is on.  


Participants are required to work as a team and plot a course on the open sea. They are then taken on a 68 ft racing yacht and have to deal with variable conditions such as wind, tides and other ships as they try to reach their objective and successfully complete their course. Team members are accompanied by a professionally qualified skipper and are given all the necessary training to handle the yacht. 


Through this experience participants often develop greater confidence when dealing with rapid change and will learn: 

  • how to translate strategy into action 
  • how to work collaboratively with a shared vision
  • how to appreciate different communication styles
  • how to create team resilience and a strong peer support network
  • the satisfaction that comes from personal accomplishment and mastering new skills. 
" Over the years, I’ve had maybe 1500 programme participants who have experienced the Newsday exercise. If I meet them afterwards, that’s what they always remember and what they got out of it. Deep learning and fun. A unique experience they will never forget in their lives. "
Jean Vanhoegaerden, Professor of Leadership Practice, Hult Ashridge Business School
" I would definitely recommend the sailing experience. You learn a lot about team dynamics and how you perform as an individual. Definitely a fun day but incredibly insightful.     "
Paul Sutherland, Client Services Director, Eversholt Rail Group

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